Understanding Sports Massage

Sports Massage combines various techniques to bring about muscle relaxation in the body. Originally, this massage was developed for athletes but research has proved that non-athletes can also gain from its physiological and psychological benefits. This article will specifically talk about sports massage and its benefits to athletes.

What sports do people play that require sports massage?

Any person engaged in a physical activity that requires work out for more than four hours needs sports massage. Examples of these activities include football, rugby, running, tennis, baseball, and golf. The massage is also suitable for people who are starting or getting back into a workout routine. The aim of this massage is to heal strained muscles and help strong muscles perform better while minimizing injuries.

Types of sports massage

1. Pre-event massage

It is done before an athlete engages in sport. The purpose of this massage is to prepare and stretch muscles for better performance during the game.

2. Post-event massage

It is done after the physical activity. The purpose of this massage is to help an athlete recover from the high-intensity activity. It aims at reducing muscle tension and improving blood circulation.

3. Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is given during training. Athletes who exercise regularly and experience sore muscles benefit from this massage. It aims at providing relief from muscle and joint pain caused by vigorous activity. It optimizes the performance of body tissues by enabling the flow of nutrients and facilitating removal of waste from the deep tissues.

Benefits of sports massage

Asides from reducing injuries and enhancing performance in athletes, research has indicated that this massage offers both psychological and physiological benefits to the body. They include:

· Lowers blood pressure

· Reduces the heart rate

· Reduces anxiety

· Improves mood and attentiveness

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